Learning about Ancient Astrology

Learning about Ancient Astrology

Itching to know more about what the future holds for you? Humans are curious creatures; they are always eager to learn more, especially about what is in our future and beyond our grasp. When people are facing hardship, they often rely on astrologers to determine how and when they will come out of their misery.

Humans put a great deal of time and effort into their work, and then keep their fingers crossed that this investment will bear fruit. Many experts have successfully predicted future events without using any kind of rigorous procedure; some people draw horoscopes or astrological charts, some use tarot cards, and others read the lines on others’ palms. But each time a prediction proves itself to be correct, the potential that astrology has for mapping the future becomes greater.

Astrology has been in existence ever since human beings could identify themselves as ‘human’.
Looking at the stars, one can easily feel the enormity of the universe and how inconspicuous we are. Hence, man’s ever-growing curiosity regarding how we came to Earth, what happens when we die, how we should live our lives, and even our quest for the force that governs our existence can only be satisfied by seeking knowledge in different ways.

The ancient Babylonians were the first to lay down detailed ‘rules’ for astrology. The Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans, Indians, and ancient Greeks either elaborated on this basic principle or created their own forms of astrology by interpreting the Babylonians’ basic structure.
Astrology has been a key component of nearly every ancient civilization. The main conviction in astrology is the idea that the planets and stars each possess certain energies. These energies depend on their positions in the sky, relative to each other and the Earth, in order to create unique patterns. These patterns then shape the character and behaviour of each individual.

The energies basic to the Vedic and Western worldviews are nothing but dramatic interpretations of the stars and their constellations. Both cultures have an astrological system which revolves around the belief that stars not only guide us but also create us.
The ancient Greek tradition of the classic zodiac is a mythology in which a horoscope is used to construct maps. These maps depict the positions of the planets and stars and ultimately affect the energies of people.
The future awaits you.

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