How to attract the life you wantAn image of the world being held in someones hand witht he words 'law of attraction' on it. Around the image are words such as wish, happy, feeling, expansion, creation, manifestation, abundance, joy, intent and focus around it

The Law of Attraction has been described as a doorway and a key to unlock life’s full potential and the essence that emanates the whole universe. Fundamentally, the Law of Attraction is the ability to bring into our lives whatever we are concentrating on. It has been shown that no matter your age, your race or your religion, we are all prone to Universal Laws, one of which is the Law of Attraction.

Many theorists have used the imagery of a magnet to describe the Law of Attraction. Showing that which is like itself will be drawn together, stating things such as ‘like attracts Like’.

The message is the same… if you act in a certain way, your life will change to match it.  

At Energy-Balance we consider that the Law of Attraction, which uses the power of thoughts, and more importantly the power of feelings, will eventually draw in whatever we are thinking and feeling and make them appear right in front of our eyes. This is why it is so very important to keep your mind in the things that you want. If you stay focussing on things that you don’t want, they can appear too!

In fundamental terms, all ideas become things at some point. If you concentrate on adversity, ruin, revenge or grief you will certainly stay under that cloud and draw similar events or people to you. If you concentrate on positive, favourable ideas, and also have aims that you intend to attain, you will certainly discover a method to accomplish them with enough extensive action.

This is why the universe is such a significantly attractive place, as the Law of Attraction determines that whatever can be perceived, and kept in the mind’s eye, can be achieved. There are thousands of people who will verify the fact that if you act on an idea and persist with it long enough you will get to where you intend to be.

The Law of Attraction is among life’s greatest mysteries and only a few people are completely familiar with just how much of an effect the Law of Attraction has on their daily lives. Whether we are dong it intentionally or unconsciously, in every minute of our existence, we are functioning as human magnets – sending out our ideas and feelings, as well as drawing back in even more of exactly what we have actually put out!

However, with many people still oblivious to the possibilities that are locked deep within us, it is also very easy to leave your ideas and feelings uncontrolled, thus sending out the wrong ideas, as well bringing in even more unnecessary feelings and events right into your life. Having stated this, finding that the Law of Attraction goes to work within your life ought to be a wonderful reason for celebration!

The sooner you know how to work with the Law of Attraction, and discover how to successfully use the principles in your day-to-day life, the sooner you can begin to build and develop a strong foundation to get the life you want!