The beginners guide to Ancient Astrology 

Are you busting to know what the future holds?

Humans are curious creatures; they are always keen to learn more about what is in the future. When people are facing hardship, they often rely on astrologers to determine how and when they will get over their problems.

Some people draw horoscopes or astrological charts, some use tarot cards, and others read the lines on others’ palms and the potential that astrology has for mapping the future is great. (If this is you, then check out our Who Am I ?’ personalised astrology report).

Astrology has been in existence ever since human beings could identify themselves as ‘human’. Looking at the stars, you can easily feel the enormity of the universe and how inconspicuous we are. Hence, people have an ever-growing curiosity regarding how we came to Earth, what happens when we die, how we should live our lives, and even our quest for the force that governs our existence can only be satisfied by seeking knowledge in different ways.

The ancient Babylonians were the first to lay down detailed ‘rules’ for astrology. The Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans, Indians and ancient Greeks either elaborated on this basic principle or created their own forms of astrology by interpreting the Babylonians’ basic structure. Astrology has been a key component of nearly every ancient civilisation. The main belief in astrology is the idea that the planets and stars each possess certain energies. These energies depend on their positions in the sky, about each other and the Earth, in order to create unique patterns. These patterns then shape the character and behavior of each individual.

The energies basic to the Vedic and Western worldviews are nothing but dramatic interpretations of the stars and their constellations. Both cultures have an astrological system which revolves around the belief that stars not only guide us, but also create us.

The ancient Greek tradition of the classic Zodiac is a mythology in which a horoscope is used to construct maps. These maps depict the positions of the planets and stars and ultimately affect the energies of people.

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AstrologyAstrology is as old as measured time. Although there are many different approaches to astrology, all astrologers appear united in the idea that there is a connection between the heavens and the Earth — they share one common space. For centuries there has been a misunderstanding concerning the nature of astrology to the effect that the heavens somehow “influence” events here on Earth. This theory of celestial influence has penetrated into the modern world until today it is the main concept or idea of astrology supported by the public — the lay astrological audience.

Professional astrologers do not hold with theories of celestial influence. Instead, the modern astrologer conceives of the heavens and Earth as united, interpenetrating, and sharing a common space and time. The great cosmic or celestial events happening around and beyond the Earth (eclipses, lineups, and so on) are not seen as CAUSING events to occur on Earth, but as great signatures of events ALSO happening here on Earth. In other words, there is no “cause” in the heavens followed by an “effect” here on Earth. Instead, both planetary and earthly events happen simultaneously and are mutually reflective. Neither is the cause of the other; both are the product of the moment, one acted out in the heavens above, the other here on the Earth below.

While astrologers don’t feel that heavenly events are the cause of events here on Earth, they do feel that specific heavenly events are enacted here on the Earth too — at the same moment. In other words, there is only one grand “play.” The great drama enacted in the sky is also acted out (in exact detail) here on Earth in the same instant. Another way to say this is that the Earth is part of the cosmos and shares in that cosmic moment. Scientists have been discovering (for example) that sunspots, solar flares, and solar activity have a very definite (and almost immediate) effect here on Earth. Astrologers tend to feel that all major cosmic events such as eclipses are interactive; they represent an activity also taking place within us and our consciousness.

In summary, astrology is a study of heavenly cycles and cosmic events as they are reflected in our earthly environment and vice- versa — a vast cosmic clock. Astrologers find the cosmic patterns revealed in the rhythmic motions of the planets a great help in shedding light on the seeming helter-skelter of everyday life. Astrologers may have their heads in the heavens, but only to better guide their feet here on Earth.

Energy Medicine: What It Is and What It Is Not

Reiki energy

Energy Medicine Is:

Energy medicine is the art and science of assessing and harmonising the body’s energies to maximise one’s own or another’s well-being.

The body’s energies include the electrical, electromagnetic, and electrochemical energies that are recognised by science as being involved in every bodily function, and they also include the more subtle energies (such as “chakras” and “meridians”) recognised by time-honoured healing and spiritual traditions as providing the animating force of the physical body as well as its invisible infrastructure.

The term “energy medicine” uses the word “medicine” in the sense of “Laughter is good medicine”; “Love is good medicine”; “Exercise is good medicine”; “Gratifying work is good medicine”; “Vacations are good medicine.”

Keeping your energies in an optimal flow and harmony is good medicine. That is the way energy medicine achieves its purpose of enhancing well-being at the levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Energy Medicine Is Not:

Energy medicine is not a specific healing system, but rather an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of energy-oriented healing approaches including: Chakra Balancing, Colour Therapy, Multi-Dimensional Energy Alignment, Crystal Energy Healing, Psychic Awareness, Manifestation Coaching, Essence Therapy – (Shell, Gem, Herb and Flower), Meridians and Body Stress Release

Energy-Balance uses a collection of non-physical therapies that support self-healing. Energy Balance includes Energy Medicine, Aroma Touch Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Crystal Healing/Therapy, Numerology, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counselling and Kinesiology.

Energy-Balance does not diagnose or treat illnesses of body or mind, though it may be a complement to such practices.

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