Treating Anxiety by Natural Means

648-Drucker-800x600Anxiety is a common process which we all go through with at some point in our lives. With it comes a sense of fear that we may have never expected. Sometime it teaches us lessons that we never wanted to learn. Whatever the situation might be, anxiety has been a culprit in many lives and everyone wants to get rid of it sooner or later.

Anxiety as the consequence of stress is not something unnatural, it is pretty normal in fact, but the outcomes and results it causes can be dangerous and unsettling in lots of cases. There could be many reasons why anxiety to occur in the first place – like having a super busy work routine, or not being able to fulfill your dreams or managing too many things at once  (and a household) can add to it.

There are many different ways to minimise the effects of anxietyusing natural means.

Here are a few:

Reading –  If you like reading, you could go for a simple and an interesting book, nothing too intense, just nice and relaxing – a novel maybe.

Get into nature – If you like sightseeing, go walking and hiking and find a perfect spot to relax and look around. Or go to the seaside and take a walk along the beach. You never know you might find a shell or see a dolphin!

Hobbies – If you want to have a hobby, you could go for gardening, photography and writing something. Getting creative is are a great way for you to loose yourself for a few hours.

Spend time with loved ones – Indulge yourself with family and friends, sometimes the simplest activities that are shared are the most memorable (even if it is only for a short time).

Rest – Make sure you get  get plenty of sleep. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep per night so your mind can really relax.

Music – Listen to some relation music or a relaxation meditation before going to bed. The soothing sounds of music usually help you easily go into a deep sleep and stop your mind from over thinking.

Meditation – A regular practice of mediation is another great way to find stress relief naturally.

Exercise – Try yoga (yoga is the exercise to escape it all), walking, running or aerobics (whatever suits you the best) and develop a regular habit of doing so. Besides stress relief another bonus of exercise is that it is  also going to take a lot of health consequences away from your life.