ALLQuality is everything

Energy-Balance works with dōTERRA as the only brand recommended for essential oils because it is by far the highest quality and reaches Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Just like supplements, there is a lot of low-quality products out there that can do more harm than good, so – as always, it’s not worth compromising – quality is everything

Options for purchasing

Buy Retail

You can buy single items if you like – but you will pay the full retail price which is 25% above wholesale price. To see prices click here.

If you want to see the Australian dōTERRA Product Guide click here.

If you what to order at retail price, please contact us.

Get Wholesale Prices

Pay a one-time wholesale membership of $35 and you will receive 25% discount on each oil you purchase FROM THEN ON, and you will earn points toward your next purchase. When you join, you have the option of saving hundreds of dollars by joining up and buying an Enrollment Kit at the same time. Enrollment Kits offer the BEST value for money as well as earning HEAPS of points that will help you out to get more bargains the next time you order.

The best value for Enrollment Kit is: The Home Essentials Kit – $330 (RRP is over AU$500)Home Essentials Kit

The Home Essentials kit includes:

  • the 10 most popular dōTERRA oils in 15ml  bottles (the Family Physician bottles are only 5ml)
  • a beautiful diffuser,
  • your enrollment packet
  • the $35 wholesale membership
  • own website and own “shop
  • personalised and private support

Once you have enrolled, you will you will become a wholesale member of dōTERRA. This means that you can purchase all your future oils wholesale prices rather than full retail price (you will receive 25% off all retail prices) which is great.  You will also get a free consultation with an Energy-Balance Wellness Advocate. If you have any more questions at all, just contact us here!

Step by step guide to purchasing a wholesale kit (We will use the example for people living in Australia)

The Home Essentials Kit really is the best plan to keep costs down over time if you plan to use oils on-going.

  1. Go to this link  and click on the top tab where it says ‘Join & Save’
  2. Now put in your preferred language (this will also show your country)- so select ‘English – Australia’
  3. Next select ‘Australia’ for will your products be shipped and click ‘continue’
  4. On the screen ‘Enrollment Order’ select the ‘Local (OTG) Order’ so you are paying in Australian Dollars and products are shipped from Melbourne, and click ‘continue’
  5. Quick on wholesale prices and click ‘continue’
  6. Fill out all of your details
  7. Select your local time zone (Australia) (State) (Time)
  8. If you aren’t using an ABN leave it blank
  9. The Sponsor ID should appear automatically if not put in the Energy-Balance Enroller ID: 1806622 in both boxes
  10. Enter a password
  11. Read over and then select the terms and conditions box. of opening a dōTERRA online account (the software is free when you are not a Wellness Advocate reselling products)
  12. Next select the enrollment kit you want to purchase. You can also purchase other items at this stage.

Common Questions:

Q: Do I have to place a minimum monthly order minimum if I join up wholesale?

A: No!

Q: I don’t want to sell Essential Oils. Can I sign up as a wholesale member if I don’t want to sell them?

A: Yes, you can sign up as a wholesaler. You don’t need to sell oils at all.

Q: Why are dōTERRA more expensive than other brands?

A: Quality and therapeutic grade of production is very important when it comes to all consumable products like supplements and oils. Other oils are just to be used for their nice smells, but they cannot be applied to the skin or taken and are not fit for human consumption. dōTERRA oils can be consumed  – not just used topically, so they have been through a much more rigorous testing for quality. See Here for the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CTPG) testing procedures.

Q: How do I use essential oils?

A: When you purchase oils we will send you an extensive guide on how to use and apply the oils.

As as a brief introduction – Essential Oils can be used:

  • Internally –  i.e. consumed like a dietary supplement (but only the ones with a label ‘dietary supplement’).  We cook with them!
  • Aromatically – Place some drops of dōTERRA Essential Oils in a diffuser and the oils will be dispersed into the air and breathed in molecules are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier.
  • Topically  – Rub the oils into your  skin. Every single cell of our body has a cell membrane made of fats oils which are a naturally great form of transport for moving active compounds around in our bodies. dōTERRA Essential Oils provide transdermal sources of nutrients and other active compounds are great alternatives to oral consumption.
  • See more on using Essential Oils safely here.

If you have any more questions at all just contact us here.